Saint Peter’s Basilica



High Renaissance and Mannerism


Now I can’t take full credit for this structure but I really hoped that was how it would’ve gone down in the history books. My name is Pope Julius II, and I’m the guy who commissioned Saint Peter’s Basilica. When thinking about who’s going to build the grandest houses of god, you don’t just go ask the roofer you used last summer. No, in this case, I spared no expense, and went to Bramante. But in the end it took him even longer to finish than it did my roofer, like a hundred years longer. In the end it was worth it.


The ground this church is built on is almost more important than the building itself, especially in the history of Christianity. This is where Saint Peter, the first Pope, making him my predecessor, was crucified and buried. I may not have been the first one to build a church here, but gal darn it, I’ll be the last. The first to break ground though was Constantine, the great Christian Emperor of the Ottoman Empire. But in reality, people have been coming here forever, it reaches back to Roman days where the Circus of Nero stood in the basilicas space.


While there is a large religious draw, there is a huge significance this building contributes to art history. To think of all the great men who laid their mark on this project. The likes such as Raphael, Michelangelo, and Bernini.


Not only is Saint Peter’s Basilica a testimony to the grandeur of the Catholic Church and of Christ but also of human fortitude, creativity, and genius.