Sarcophagus of Junius Bassus



Late Antiquity


As a member of the Greco-Roman elite, it is only befitting that I have a sarcophagus which reflects my station. Have you seen that movie all dogs go to heaven, well, so do all rich men. This is my encasement for eternity until I meet with my savior, why not make it a piece of art. As a devout Christian, I wish to commemorate my life with episodes from the bible, however the pagan roots run deep in my culture. This practice of such an elaborate casket harkens back to the days before Christ.


As I said, I’m a rich man; and yes, I can take it with me. This is proof. This is statement of my wealth in life which I believe will bring me wealth in the next. This is a sarcophagus only for artifacts of my caliber and there are few men greater than I. To show god my righteousness, I’ve had master sculptures carve various religious scenes into the marble. These are decorations which signify my worthiness of the heavens up above. The figures, while small in scale, are incredibly detailed and ornate. Each character is life like and recognizable. All men must die, however this will keep my body in the afterlife, as it was in old days it still is under the early umbrella of Christianity.