Hall of Bulls

15,000-13,000 B.C.E.


Prehistoric Paleolithic


I am an important man in the tribe of people I help to watch over. Tomorrow, my brothers and I leave for a great hunt. This outing is essential to the survival of my people. Tonight, the other leaders and myself will travel up to the caves, high in the mountains where we will conduct a spiritual, religious experience. We must climb to the top, to a cave which is difficult to get to, a place of no entry. Here we partake in a plant life which connects us to the earth.  As we join together in our euphoria, we grind minerals to make intensive colors which we smear across the wall in our mindful state. To insure a successful hunt, we must summon our game by painting them on these walls, and envisioning them as flesh. Until they come alive.


Modern man may not understand this practice, but there is power in these rituals. The climb to the cave is no easy feat. It takes endurance, and capability which will be reflected when amongst game. These caves are an unreachable point where we speak to our gods and illustrate our desires. By eating certain types of plant material, we are able to transcend our physical three dimensional state to summon our prey. What we paint is a prophecy of sorts, to find where the buffalo roam.