Initial R with Knight Fighting a Dragon


Ink and tempera on vellum



Let me illuminate you on the art of illumination. Ha, I like to have fun, but to be earnest - I am a master painter who does indeed have quite a bit of fun with his illumination artwork, no matter how near in the future it will be banned. Illumination manuscripts are a collection of religious allegories from a wide range of texts written and rewritten by Monks. In addition to these interesting components, there doesn’t seem to be a figure which takes precedence between the knight, dragon, or the initial R. The illustration flows seamlessly in this way.


These illuminations are a long lasting tradition amongst catholic monks. The art of transcribing and creating codexes is no small task. It takes precision, a deftness gained from years of practice. This is the first page of a tale about a Knight and his squire defeating a dragon.  As you can see there is a fluidity in the interchanging hues and figures. The complementary color scheme makes the figures recognizable between good and bad and the overall composition is an exciting prompt for the beginning of a story.


Though, some might say this illustrative decoration detracts from the message of God. In fact, a whole order might say that. Thank God I created this illustration before the Cistercian order came into effect. They wouldn’t even allow a decorative initial let alone a full page illustration. For this is a prime example of religious text and artistic viability coming together and then being taken away by the powers above.